Special  F Xs

Whether you are looking for that First Dance to Remember or that Grand Exit that will be unforgettable, we got you covered. We offer Special FXs that are both Safe & Over the Top! Dancing in the Clouds (Dry Ice Machine) is perfectly safe and you need not worry about fire alarms being set off. This technique is created using dry ice and almost every venue will allow it. What’s more, is that you don’t have to worry about messing up your dress or shoes either. Due to using dry ice, rather than a fog machine, this is 100% residue-free. So not only is it safe but it’s also very clean. 

Combine Dancing On Clouds with our unique In Door Sparkulars (Non-Pyro Sparklers) to create that Picture Perfect Moment guaranteed to WOW your Guests. High tech and safe chemical reactions create the Sparkular effects. Unlike traditional gunpowder with pyrotechnics, which has a much shorter blast of 10 seconds, Sparkular indoor fireworks can last for minutes at a time.  The duration, height, and timings of the blasts can also be varied to create the special effects you require, and even timed to different sequences according to your event requirements. Even more, these fireworks are so safe that you can run your hand through them! We cover San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, and all of central texas. 

Romantic yet Whimsicle​