Below are Quick Tips for you and your guests to get setup with Zoom for your Virtual Party. All Events are Private and you must Register to gain access to special event. If you did not receive Invite, please contact your Host.

Setting Up Zoom On Your Phone

Virtual Quick Tips

Setting Up Virtual Background on Phone

Setting Up Zoom on a Desktop

Setting Up Virtual Background Desktop

Virtual Room Rules & Regulations


*No Spamming or Solicitation Allowed

*No Personal Attacks or Harassment, be kind, supportive and respectful to every participant of the virtual room at all times.

*Type in Normal English, DO NOT Use capital letters in the room, this is equivalent to shouting

*Don't Monopolize the conversation or use Virtual Room for your Personal Business

*Don't Use Multiple Usernames

*Avoid using profanity or offensive language that is graphic, inappropriate, flirtatious or sexually suggestive. Keep it clean!

*If you find that another participant is not following one of these rules, please notify VEGAs Moderator, they will handle situation.

*You may not submit any defamatory or illegal material of any nature in VEGAs Virtual Room. This includes text, graphics, video, programs or audio.

*No disruptive, offensive or abusive behavior: contributions must be constructive and polite, not mean-spirited or contributed with the intention of causing trouble.

*No unlawful or objectionable content: unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, racially offensive or otherwise objectionable material is not acceptable.

*No FLOODING of TEXT or EMOTIONS as this can cause issues for other users or even the DJ, if anyone is over using the emotions (smiles) then they may be kicked or banned from the room by the moderator for the sake of others.

*If you are under 16 Please get a parent’s or guardian’s permission before entering the VEGAs chat room.

*Avoid topics involving politics and religion whenever possible. We are a Hate Free Zone.

*DO Stay fully clothed on your webcam/phone, if not you will get kicked out & banned without warning.

*DO NOT Treat people any different to how you would treat someone in a real-life situation

*For your own safety do not give out any personal information on the chat room to anyone especially if you don’t know this person, this includes email addresses phone numbers. Anyone found giving them out will be removed from the virtual room for their own protection.

If you breach these Terms of Use: If you fail to abide by these Rules then you will be kicked out of the room and banned, your IP address will be logged onto our blacklist, in extreme cases we will make a formal complaint to your ISP and send them logs of IP addresses and chat logs.