What Does It Take To Be a Great Wedding DJ?

First and for most, Be Over-Prepared, Wedding DJ's start planning months in advance getting all details on event, including venue setup info/timelines/planning forms/playlists/etc., the more prepared you are the better off you will be.

Second, Most Wedding DJ's are MC's as well, they will be in charge for leading guests and the wedding party the entire night, they must be well spoken, especially for wedding party introductions, make sure you know how to pronounce party's names correctly (seen this done poorly too many times), keep everyone involved (know the timelines, and keep everyone aware of what's coming) and keep it fun (don't Be a ipod).

Third, get to know your bride/groom and possibly wedding party (if there's time), the more personal you are with them the better the wedding it will be.

Forth, which is pretty much the most critical, music style, know your wedding party's style and get it down, you will usually meet with bride and groom and get their recommendations and requests which is always a MUST, but a lot of times they will be entirely different from their family and friends, so you must be able to read a crowd then switch a variety of styles seamlessly at a flick of a switch, you must be educated on a variety of music because you never know who is showing up, so plan ahead and be prepared for the unexpected.

Fifth, Have a Back-Up plan, whether it being for your equipment or you, most wedding dj's are mobile and usually weddings are never close to home, so nothings worse then being at a event and all of the sudden your laptop crashes/mixer short's out/ speakers fail/etc., always have backups on board, same goes for you, always have a backup dj in place in case something happens to you, like I said before always plan for the unexpected.

Sixth, be professional, show up on time, be responsive to all the brides needs, dress and act accordingly, get to know vendors before hand and make them aware of wedding timeline, because ultimately you will all be working together the whole night and will need everyone on same page to make it a success.

Last, keep it fun, don't be uptight, weddings can be very stressful for everyone including bride and groom, have fun with it, keep the guests engaged, and dancefloor packed, and make it a day to remember...

written by:

Robert Vega Jr.

Owner / DJ

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